User manual of a power meter

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In 2005 I bought an appliance which can be plugged in the outlet to measure the energy consumption of any device which you connect there. I wrote an article about how to measure power consumption (languages: es, eo) which presents some of the results.

This power meter was surprisingly difficult to find in shops, so I tried to collect all information I have about it. In this page you will find the entire instructions book, scanned. I am sharing it because some shops (ex. LIDL) were selling the device without manual.

To download all the images you can use this command in GNU:

wget `seq -f "" 01 46`

. A PDF can be created in this way:

convert p*.jpg manual.pdf

Furthermore, here are other photos:

medid_caja.jpg medid_etiq.jpg

And some technical data, in Spanish: details of model 9149.

The device was imported by "Paget Trading Ltd. c/o Paget Services. 65-66 Woodrow. London SE18 5DH. UK". It's also sold as Silvercrest 9149.

February 2008 (also updated at 18.m06.2022), Daniel Clemente Laboreo (page). In, user: n142857